Eye Of The Tiger Music Video

Great remix music video with some boxing bag work and even some dancing we think. Please like & share and if you have a video feel free to send it via mail form on bognor259 dot com and we will see what we can do. Meanwhile, take a look and feel free to comment or give feed back. We love a good chat and banter. Eye of the Tiger music video…

Eyeball eyeball… 

DJ Clarke Great Music Link

I’d say DJ Clarke provides fantastic house music but he has other genres too. There is some heavy club music and some which is rare but great to listen to. I used one of his tacks recently and you’ll find he has a great collection. I recommend you take a look and I’m pretty sure you will be chilling to his collection. Follow the link to his sound cloud profile and download some now… 

Hip Hop Don’t Stop

 Locking, and popping gained popularity in the 1980’s, hip-hop social dancing (party robot dancing) started to develop. Novelty and fad dances such as the Roger Rabbit, the Cabbage Patch, and the Worm appeared in the 1980s followed by the Humpty dance and the Running Man in the 1990s. 
It is historically inaccurate to say that the funk styles were always considered hip-hop. 

Social dances include the Cha Cha Slide, the Cat Daddy, and the Dougie. The previously mentioned dances are a sample of the many that have appeared since hip-hop developed into a distinct dance style. Like hip-hop music, hip-hop social dancing continues to change as new songs are released and new dances are created to accompany them.